About Sedona and the Verde Valley

There’s something delightful about living here. The whole area features some of the best weather anywhere in my opinion. The winters are mild, the summers are hot for a couple of months but not terribly hot, and spring and fall are positively wonderful! The humidity is low except for the month or so of monsoon season, and mosquitoes and other pesky bugs are pretty rare. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, golfing, shopping, dining at the fabulous restaurants in and around Sedona, or just taking the time to sit back and enjoy the view, there’s something for everyone.

Sedona is just about 100 miles north of Phoenix and 30 miles south of Flagstaff. The average elevation is about 4500 feet, but it varies a lot depending on whether you are looking at Cathedral Rock or perching on top of it! It’s a great place to get out of the heat in the summer since it’s usually about ten degrees cooler than Phoenix. Unlike Flagstaff, however, there’s no snow to shovel. It does snow a few times a year, but it usually melts in a day or two at most. The red rock formations are fantastic to behold, and people come from all over the world to experience them. There are great hikes that range from really easy to quite challenging. A favorite of my family’s is West Fork, which involves a lot of wet crossings over Oak Creek amid a lovely green forest and neck-craning rock formations. There are no malls in Sedona. Instead, there are a lot of unique shops for tourists and locals alike. There are lots of resorts and fine dining available as well.

Cottonwood is just down the hill from Sedona at about 3500 feet in elevation. Cottonwood is the commercial center of the Verde Valley–the place with the area Walmart, Home Depot, Office Max, and the hospital as well. The Old Town in Cottonwood has seen a great deal of revitalization in the past 10 years and has lots of wonderful, unique shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. It offers views of 7000′ Mingus Mountain to the west and panoramic views of Red Rocks that make Sedona famous to the east. Properties range from condos to ranches.

Camp Verde is still a bit further downhill at about 3000 feet in elevation. It’s a smaller, more rural community with the distinct advantage of being right on I-17, making it a reasonable commute to Phoenix, especially north Phoenix.

Village of Oak Creek is just south of Sedona. It offers its own unique shops as well as fabulous Sedona views.

Clarkdale is right by Cottonwood. Yavapai College has the biggest campus in the area there and offers a variety of classes both for those seeking degrees as well as those who just never want to stop learning.

Just beyond and above Clarkdale is the tiny town of Jerome. It was a mining community long ago. Then it became a ghost town, but now has about 500 citizens and a thriving art community with some really cool restaurants as well.

Cornville is about halfway between Cottonwood and Sedona and has beautiful green-belt properties along Oak Creek as well as Verde Santa Fe, which offers golfing as well as a number of recreational pools and easy-maintenance properties.

In Rimrock, Beaver Creek, and McGuireville you can more frequently find large lots and acreage with a variety of housing and livestock options at significantly more affordable prices.